Login Account Gmail

Having a Gmail account keeps you in contact with clients, family and friends. The Google powered email service provider has many features that allow you to conduct your business without any disturbance. Some of the features include Gtalk which enables you to have conversations and discussions with people. Google drive is another feature that helps you to edit documents online and also share the documents with other people. With a Gmail account you can have access to the latest social media site which is Google+. To enjoy these and many more features you need to be logged in to your account.

Gmail Login

googleThe process of logging in to your account is fast and simple. The first step is usually opening the Gmail home page which can be accessed from the Google search engine. Once the page opens click on log in. You will be directed to a new page where you will be prompted to enter your log in details. Enter your Gmail address and your password. Click on Log in

Resetting Your Password

Passwords are easily forgotten by many people. In an event where you will have forgotten your Gmail password, you will have to reset it. To do so simply click on ‘need help’ which is usually located in the bottom of the page. You will be directed to a new page, choose I don’t remember my password option and click next. A new page will open asking you to enter the last password you remember. Click on I don’t remember and click continue. Answer the questions that will be asked and click continue. You will receive an email on the secondary email address you entered. Open the email and follow the instructions that follow.

Gmail Sign in

Check The Keep Me ‘Signed In’ Button. You should only check this button if you are not using a shared computer. Once you click on the button you will automatically be directed to your Gmail home page.

Login Account Gmail

2-Step Verification. Google have added a new feature that seeks to protect your account from hackers. To set up the verification process, simply log in to your account. Then click on ‘account’ tab, you will be directed to a new page. Click on security and then 2-step verification. Once the page opens follow the instructions. You should however ensure that your number is operating as that is the number they will use to send the codes.

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  1. My account has been hacked by my ex boy friend. He has changed all my pass words to this and many other accounts. I would like to reset my password, however, he stole my cell phone as well. I can give you my new gmail account. It is Jessica.romine154@gmail.com. I have also linked this email account with a new Facebook account. I can also be reached through my mother’s account shirley.shade@gmail.com, her cell phone number is 205-613-3994. Thank you for your support,

    Sincerely , Jessica Romine

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